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Calibrated Insurance Services, LLC is a full-service dispute resolution company. Our mediators and appraisers are among the most experienced and qualified professionals in the industry.

When we receive your assignment, you can be confident that your company will be professionally represented and the dispute will be handled with expertise.

Skill Sets, Certifications and Licenses within our Appraisal Team include:

  • IICRC Certified Appraisers
  • Structural Engineer
  • Accountants

  • General Contractors
  • Journeyman Plumber

  • Licensed Electrician

  • Certified HVAC Specialist

  • Flooring Carpenter

  • Certified Roofing Contractors

  • Large Loss Specialists


Experience. Dedication. Results.

Shawn Hall

CEO / Founder

Pam Hall

CEO / Founder

Heath Hall

CEO / Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Appraisal Clause and how does it help me?2023-09-29T18:00:45+00:00

The appraisal clause in a property insurance policy is a provision that allows for the resolution of disputes over the value of a property or the amount of a covered loss. If the policyholder and the insurance company cannot agree on the value of the property or the extent of the loss, they can invoke the appraisal clause to reach a fair and impartial decision.

This clause typically involves the appointment of two independent appraisers, one chosen by the policyholder and the other by the insurance company. These appraisers work together to determine the value of the property or the amount of the loss. If they cannot reach an agreement, they may select an impartial umpire. The decision reached by the appraisers or umpire is binding and helps expedite the claims process.

Overall, the appraisal clause provides a mechanism for resolving valuation disputes in a more objective and efficient manner, benefiting both the policyholder and the insurance company by ensuring a fair settlement.

What are the costs for a mediation representation?2023-09-29T18:03:11+00:00

The costs associated with mediation representation for an insurance claim can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the claim, the expertise of the mediator, and the policies of the mediation service provider.

How long does the Appraisal Process generally take to complete?2023-09-29T18:05:58+00:00

The costs associated with mediation representation for an insurance claim can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the claim, the expertise of the mediator, and the policies of the mediation service provider. Here are some potential costs to consider:

1. Mediator’s Fees: Mediators typically charge an hourly or daily rate for their services. The specific fee can range widely, from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per session.

2. Legal Representation: If you choose to have legal representation during mediation, you’ll incur legal fees. These can also vary based on the complexity of the claim, the expertise of the attorney, and the amount of time spent on the case.

3. Preparation Costs: This includes any costs associated with preparing documents, evidence, or expert witnesses for the mediation process. It may involve fees for gathering and organizing evidence, as well as fees for expert consultations.

4. Administrative Costs: Some mediation services may charge administrative fees for scheduling, paperwork, and other logistical support.

5. Venue Costs: If the mediation is conducted in a physical location (rather than online or over the phone), there may be costs associated with renting a venue or meeting room.

6. Travel Expenses: If the mediation takes place at a location that requires travel, you’ll need to budget for transportation, accommodation, and meals.

7. Post-Mediation Costs: If an agreement is reached during mediation, there may be costs associated with finalizing and implementing the agreement. This could include legal fees for drafting contracts or other necessary documents.

8. Unsuccessful Mediation Costs: If the mediation does not lead to a resolution and the case proceeds to litigation, you’ll incur additional costs related to the legal process.

It’s important to note that in some cases, insurance policies may cover or contribute to the costs of mediation representation, especially if it’s a preferred method of dispute resolution. Additionally, some mediators offer sliding scale fees based on the financial circumstances of the parties involved.

Before entering into mediation, it’s advisable to discuss potential costs with the mediator and any legal representation you may have. This way, you can make informed decisions about how to proceed and budget accordingly.

What steps do I need to take to initiate the appraisal process?2024-01-07T18:44:20+00:00

To initiate the appraisal process, the first step is to reach out to our agency and provide details regarding your insurance claim or the property in question. Our team will guide you through the necessary documentation needed for the appraisal. This may include photos, receipts, estimates, or any other relevant information related to the claim. Once we have gathered the required details, we’ll schedule an appraisal appointment at your convenience. During this appraisal, our certified appraisers will thoroughly assess the property or damages, documenting their findings and preparing a comprehensive report. Feel free to contact us to get started and let us assist you through every step of the appraisal process

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